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15.03.2018 - PRETTY MAIDS & PINK CREAM 69


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Donnerstag, 15. 03. 2018 Aladin - Bremen

“Kingmaker”is Pretty Maids’ highly anticipated follow up to 2013's critically and commercially successful release
“Motherland", a record that continued the “revitalized” path that the band set out upon with the now classic album
“Pandemonium”.It's always difficult to follow a successful and inspired record, but “Kingmaker”
shows Pretty Maids are still in the freshest and most vital phase of their career since the early 90’s.
The production is absolutely stellar thanks to Jacob Hansen (Volbeat), who has given the band a
sound that not only reinvigorates them, but also incorporates the soundscapes of the past. Modern
and classic at the same time, if you will.
What can then be said about Ronnie Atkins and Ken Hammer? One of the best song writing teams in
the genre, hands down. Atkins' voice just gets better and better as the years go by. Menacing and
vicious one minute, melodic and soothing the next. Likewise, Hammer is on fire here and lays down
some of his heaviest riffs in recent memory.Every track on this beauty is worthy of attention whether it is an in-
your-face melting barn burner such as the one-two starters “When God Took A Day Off” / “King Maker”, “Bullseye”, and “Humanize
Me” or timeless melodic metal anthems such as “Face the World” and “Heaven’s Little Devil” or even a superb power ballad like “Last Beauty on Earth”. This record has everything Pretty Maids could possibly ask for!
Don’t miss them when they play live in a city near you –you’ll be blown away by the explosion of Danish dynamite!
Founded in early 1982 by guitarist Ken Hammer and singer Ronnie Atkins, Pretty Maids soon established themselves as a band to be taken
seriously in the early eighties, having their breakthrough with the release -in April 1987 -of the album “Future World”. This record soon gathered a universal
recognition as a “Classic”, which endures to date, and allowed the band to perform in from of large audiences thanks to their tour with Deep Purple and their appearances in the “Monsters of Rock” festival. The following album “Jump The Gun” kept the momentum for the band, particularly in Europe
and Japan.Throughout the nineties Pretty Maids continued to release albums, usually followed by European and
Japanese tours with the band still maintaining a very high songwriting and production standards. The release of “Wake up to the Real World” in 2006 started the band’s relationship with Frontiers Records. The two following albums “Pandemonium”and “Motherland”as well as two extensive world tours and countless festival appearances
managed to get the band back where it belongs.



Donnerstag, 15. 03. 2018 Aladin - Bremen

Pink Cream 69 return with their new release “Headstrong” Out November 10th, 2017!
HEADSTRONG marks the 30thAnniversary of the German hard rockers Pink Cream 69.
And what better way to celebrate than by adding yet another gem to their already spectacular discography! Produced by bassist (and
renowned producer) Dennis Ward, HEADSTRONG sees the same line-up from 2013’s well received
“Ceremonial” album return to deliver fans another hard rocking set of quality songs and is their 12th
studio album overall. As a special treat, the new release includes a bonus live album featuring songs from across the
band’s catalogue.
Dennis Ward says:
When we released our first album in 1989,we were proud to be a “guitar band” that yielded powerful guit
ar riffs and soaring vocal melodies.Since the release of Ceremonial it became evident to
us that we had to take a step back to be able to make 2 steps forward so we made a “master plan”:
to resurrect our earliest form of songwriting incorporating these riffs and melodies, reducing the amount of
keyboards and keeping the production to a minimum of sonic layers in order to be as true as possible to our
sound -the sound of fat and crunchy guitars.
I feel that the new Headstrong album is a high-energy recording that redeems us as the powerful Rock n’ Roll band we used to be.
After weeks of cross checking the production, listening to the CD in my car, I take great pride in saying “mission accomplished”.
We look so very forward to presenting our new “baby”.
PINK CREAM 69 was founded in 1987 by singer Andi Deris, guitarist Alfred Koffler, drummer Kosta Zafiriou,
who were later joined by bassist Dennis Ward. Deris left the band in 1994 and after auditioning various singers
was replaced by Englishman David Readman.



Video - PINK CREAM 69

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